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Your 2013 Fitness Goals

With 2012 coming to an end, and the end of the world not ending, I figure we can start posting our 2013 goals.

Mine include perfecting my one arm pushup for multiple reps. I can do about 3 now, with not so perfect form.
Also want to be able to do a legitimate one arm pull/chin up. Currently doing weighted chin ups with 55lbs for 5 reps.
I'm a huge fan of one legged pistol squats, and can do 5/leg, but still want to perfect form and eventually have the strength for one leg pistol pistol squat box jumps.
I want to hold a front lever. Can sort of do them for reps, but definitely needs quite a bit of work.
Improve my weighted dips. Currently at 100+ lbs for around 5 reps. Would like to be at 150+ lbs.
And finally, muscle ups. Cannot do any yet, but am working on it..
As you can see I love bodyweight exercises.
I seem to have a lot to work on...

What are all your goals for the coming year?
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