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Originally Posted by MR_Rick View Post
Want to put a red dot that I have but it is for a picatinny rail. Are there adapters for it or do I have to replace the rail on it?
A few years back I used to use something like this on my phantom w/ a Red-dot... it did the job, but I only played with it for a few months and decided I was better point-n-shooting than trying to aim LOL. Hope that helps bro!

UTG 22 Mount Base to Weaver Picatinny Tactical Rail Adaptor Pmtowl | eBay

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so what do you guys do for feeds?hoppers?
This is my current set up that I'm using on my Bushy... it's a CCI elbow and Phantom feedtube w/ a little electrical tape for friction-fits on both the feedneck and the feed-tube ends... hope that give you some ideas
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