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So far new sneakers,a DSLR holster that can go on my belt. New pair of jeans and a shirt, Socket set to go along with my screwdriver set, a pair of gloves, a pair of mittens, $20 in cash from my aunt and uncle as they were going to get me a gift card to go out for lunch but didn't know where I liked to eat. We're waiting for when my mom comes home from working on the large lake boats (around the 30th) to really open all the big gifts. The day isn't the same if she's away so we normally just open a few gifts if she happens to be away on the actual day.

With that said I had even more fun watching my brother and sister, my dad and especially my son see the gifts I bought them. My dad I bought him a 500GB 2.5 inch portable hard drive to store pictures on, I got my sister an Android tablet ( just a basic one but it does the job) and then I got my brother a Blade MCX2 hobby level RC helicopter so he could learn to fly it as he's wanted to learn after watching me fly my own MCX2 as well as my Nano CPX 6 channel 3D heli. My son granted he's only 5 months old but I got him some toys that make noise and light up and such so he's really liking the interaction point and I also bought some story books as even at his tender age he seems to enjoy when I read him a story

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Pump paintball is cheaper than any drug habit I've ever heard of.

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