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Originally Posted by Spach View Post
Imo the tomahawk kills were far more interesting than the airow gun mercy
Yeah when I saw my name in the title I had figured I got first place you know, I mean if its in the title its the most interesting thing in there (not meant to be cocky, stating it matter-of-factly) aka the number one slot. Oh well.

Originally Posted by Patar View Post
I saw! ahha, I was laughing like a mofo when you were just yelling "BAM BAM BAM!"
Yeah if you look i ran past a dude on the left, who eventually shot me out, as I was running at the last guy. And the last guy LITERALLY froze as I was running up to him. He had no idea what was going on. I ran up on him just as he was raising his gun to fire.

This is my playing attire, so it looks like a grape is running at you:

I actually had no gun because I had suffered a heat stroke or severe dehydration about 30 minutes prior. I went out onto the field with a drawstring bag and pushed to the enemy lines distributing water bottles to those holding up the lines. I kept pushing further and further until I realized I made it behind enemy lines. I had the tomahawk in the chance case while I was distributing water I ran into someone I can barrel tag.

And an airsoft group was running the Black Ops scenario they said to say "bam" instead of barrel tag.
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