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Evil pimp problems

I picked up a used Evil Pimp and changed all the O-rings thru-out the gun and lubed up everything. Im having the same problems everybody has with these guns, Its either the Detonator or the LPR adjustments. I tried the bag trick on the LPR seem to work but when i air it up and increase the Det I can hear the noid leaking so I turn the Det down a lil the noid stops leaking but I cant get the balls to chron over like 260. Then ill get a couple of balls to shoot perfect but chron like 252 then drop to 229 then it will chop a couple of balls. I thinking about swapping out the HPR and the LPR with a different brand. I don't know....Is there a way to tune these guns to get rid of these problems. Oh I did check seats on the HPR and the LPR and both look good.
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