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Ahh the hypocrasy is too strong, you call me a troll because apparently I called people names and flamed, you than procede to make much worse comments about me, and when I leave the thread you all say hahaha what a troll he left, I come back and you say get out you troll, you are a hypocrite to the extreme and I'm not hiding behind the anonimity of the internet you are, You wanna know where I live, my phone number, what I look like, go for it creeper, you want any of that info just let me know, you can come over to me and show me what an anonymous ***** I am and see what happens to you. This isn't trying to act tough over the internet, this is me getting ****ing furious with people's blatant lack of common sense and logic (and i ****ing guarantee some idiot will somehow attack me in an ***-backwards way saying how my logic is ****ed)

So again anyone feeling particularly big, and in the area I live in a small city near vancouver Canada called mission, let me know when you're here and want to see what an anonymous bitch I am.

Cheers, Scott
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