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Originally Posted by MR_Rick View Post
I don't think her's it is. It is quite as hell when shooting with no air and has a small board in it.

We play in a private speedball field so there are no caps. It is the only place to play around here within a 60 miles.

He does love old school guns, he wants my x-valved Minimag. If you can, educate me on Impulse, please.
old school impulse, you can find bone stock ones, no eyes. usually they will be black, very square body "heavy", still good markers and solid. get them for under 100. then you have the options of going with private label milling, nasty impulse, gameface impulse, adranaline, predator, meteor, and cream of the crop for most eclipse impulse, most come with some awesome ano.

for the ion you can look around and pick up a B.O.B (bolt out the back) body, few body styles still around and now lots cheaper.

if he likes your automag, why not tell him to save a little more and get a RTautomag with level ten. run him a bit less compare to your xvalve mag and performance would be just as good.
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