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So I got to shoot around my house with a better KP set up today, and have a few thoughts.

1. Shoot Fresh Xball blaze the stock barrel was GARBAGE. Its way overbore for the blaze, but honestly next to the Bob Long Assassins barrel I have in the same size, it was still terrible. Both were the wrong bore, but the BL shot great, the stock shot poorly. Further roll outs were a bigger problem on the stock barrel, despite the "triad" retent system. The funny thing was I was getting roll outs on my automag as well, so the paint was pretty small for my barrels.

2. The accuracy with the BL amazed me. Shot way more accurate then my automag today, with mostly the same set up. The major difference is my automag lacks a regulator, but I was shooting with HPA anyway, so I was surprised to see how major the difference was. The stock KP regulator is pretty bomb honestly. I swapped it out for my CP shorty and saw no noticeable difference in velocity consistency between the two.

3. Amazing Chrono. +/- 7 was my chrono in 4degrees Celsius, shooting paint way to small for my barrel.

4. For my ultimate test of Azodins system outside a game, I filled my 50 round hopper all the day up and ripped. Pumped using the hitman mod as fast as I could, and walked the double trigger (different finger for each pump, 1-2, 1-2, ect). I was expecting some issues as I ramped up the speed, but I didn't have any. Each pump loaded a paintball, each trigger pull sent it flying. The spread was amazing considering the movement of the marker with the quicker pump strokes. Truly impressive, better then any of the semis we were messing around with.

5. Somehow my girlfriend had some issues. She has never played, or used a marker before (aside from a rental once with family). Out of about 100 shots she took, 3 times her pump stoke, which seemed complete failed to load a ball. This never happened to me, nor my brother and we took far more shots. Even when I was speeding through paint, I didn't have an issue.

6. No paint broke at all, it was good quality so I'm not too surprised. But the bore match was as bad as it gets, in my automag which had the same bore barrel, it triple loaded (and fired) once, and double fired several times. Nothing broke in the marker or barrel of the KP even when my gf or brother shot it.

7. Impressed.
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