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I have some good friends in frats/sororities, I personally never saw the appeal of joining them. Some are (as pointed out) bros. Others are just regular people. Here is an example of the former.
One time my friend rented a room in a frat, (she didn't join, she was just renting) I was sitting outside the house with her, enjoying the nice day when this stereotypical douchebag bro, comes outside and starts harassing us. The conversation went something like this:
Bro: We are getting complaints of smoke upstairs you two need to leave.
Me:We have only been doing homework out here and besides I'm out of smokes.
Bro:...Well your not a member(referencing me) so it is time for you to leave.
Krissi: I'm renting a room here.
Bro: yea' and your room is in the back, if you want to sit outside go there.(essentially telling us to sit in the parking lot)

Bro then goes inside and I am about to follow him, but Krissi stopped me. Probably because bro alone could have kicked my ***,let alone all his buddies.
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