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How many will show up??? 4-6 inches of snow tonight, game tomorrow morning...

So I have 22 who have said they are attending our 34th event. Typically we have a few that don't RSVP so we usually average about 4 or 5 more players, who attend.

But, we have about 4 inches of snow right now, and overnight we are supposed to have another 4-6 inches... My daughter has bailed...

Course, I'm IN, as playing in the snow is a BLAST! Just don't expect me to do anything after we play as I will be beat! I figure I will need to get up early to plow my drive and parking area, but my question for you is....

How many people will attend tomorrow?...

FIRST person to correctly guess the number of players will get a full set of my custom EZ cool flame stickers, AND a set of Trails of Doom Stickers that I sell on ebay.

So guess away! Guesses must be in by 8:00 tomorrow morning. First person who correctly guesses the exact number, or the closest number (without going over) will win the flames!
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