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Under no circumstances should you buy a "Champ". Those plane designs fly poorly and you will be replacing props/cowls on nose-ins.

I would not recommend the Firebird Commander 2 either. Tends to fly too fast (NiMH battery pack is a dead giveaway) and uses proprietary electronics.

The Floater-Jet is the best out of the three. If you go this route, go light on the battery pack to lighten up the wing loading.

Personally I'd go straight for a lightweight flying wing. They're usually the most durable and deal with wind the best (and bear in mind that wind is the biggest limiting factor on what days you will be able to fly, unless you're flying indoors or something).

The transmitter/receiver is where you have to make a hard decision. Opinions are going to vary, but if you want to stay in this, you'll want a 2.4GHz set, of which there are multiple manufacturers. Might want to go for DSM2 as that's supported by a number of bind-n-fly manufacturers. Also check to see if your transmitter might be compatible with the aforementioned flight simulator software if you're going that route so you don't have to buy the same thing twice.
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