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Originally Posted by Slappadapink View Post
Yeah bro, I bought that nt off of you! Still shooting nice but I just quit the team I was called out of retirement to help fill a roster. Speedball just isn't my thing anymore. I decided I had much more fun playing with you guys and am going to be selling that nt then picking up something new with a pump. I have a pps pug but wanna check out the retro 7 and some others (j12, uc phantom, ccm) before i make a decision. The retro 7 really caught my eye so she's first on the list. If anyone from featuring death has any suggestions that'd be great.

Now, anybody know if were going to freeze our boys off and play in the snow lol? Itching to play

Well I can help out a bit more then. I can bring my R7, S6...and possibly my pirate (if I can get it to work...)

I am down to play some time in the new year.
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