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I gift myself stuff every month! But this december was a HUGE self-gift-to-nerdcore event. Damn near spent a paycheck on my cinnamon bun self.

- hammer 7
- gog enmey
- e-flex + smoke lens
- raza shellshock jersey
- cp mini direct mount
- sp freak 68 tank cover
- muse: the 2nd law
- jack white: blunderbuss
- the killers: battle born
- green day: uno
- green day: dos
- converse sweater
- cool socks
- sony "thumpin' buds" earbuds (dumb name, nice buds)

Tomorrow, gonna gift myself one of those Forever Lazy "lounge wear" from kmart. Asked for one for xmas, didn't get it, so gotta get it myself!

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