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Originally Posted by BIG BOB View Post
A second pool to see how long it takes to sell would also be interesting
I would imagine that even at a NIB price with a small premium added, the marker would sell quite quickly as long as it's a modest/approachable/decent color scheme.

Originally Posted by senghing27 View Post
How about most exuberant price? I mean apparently wait time adds like what? $400 bucks to a marker?
$400 is probably a little steep, even for a 1/50 CCM, especially since there will be more of them made.

Originally Posted by BIG BOB View Post
Not to mention it is like a 1 of 50 marker, we are looking into the 1000+ for a used j12 in a color choice someone else wanted.
Originally Posted by mrmag11 View Post
My guess is $900 on Jan 27...
Since this first run is an "all the options or bust" run, plus aforementioned premium price... I could see someone opening with an $1100 or best offer on a first run J12, depending on CCMs production schedule.

Originally Posted by sniper97 View Post
My guess is if someone is willing to shell out $800ish for a J12, they plan on keeping it. Financial problems can always happen, but tax refund season is right around the corner.
How often do you see something come up FS in the forums here because some nitpicker found one thing they didn't like about the marker and put it up for sale in unplayed condition?

If CCM came in here and said the next run of J12s wouldn't be made in time for next summer, then they would probably sell north of $1k for people who just managed to miss the release and had their hearts set on having one, but the marker would also have to have an appealing color scheme for that person, so the thing would likely sit on the boards for quite a while before selling (at the aforementioned high price point). But the fact is that we know CCM will be cranking out a new run of J12s as soon as possible, considering that supply economics showed a run of 50 guns didn't even come close to meeting the initial demand for the product. This fact on it's own will likely guarantee that anyone selling the marker is probably not going to make money on it. Why get a used one in a color scheme you may not like, when you can just wait a few weeks for CCM to catch up and build one just the way you want it?

If someone came in and posted one for sale at... $809+ shipping... It'd probably sell in a few hours.
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