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I just wanted to give a quick review of my DAM. I only have had the chance to play with it one full day. I didn't have access to first strike so no review there, but doing research I decided to pick up a rifled barrel system from Hammerhead. This marker shot great with regular paint. It was pretty cold out, but shot accurate with no breaks. (Paint was sized with my deadly winds and freak sleeves) It was super smooth but also had the metallic ping. I don't mind it as long as that's normal. 3 shot burst was pretty fun and pretty similar to PSP mode on tourney markers. My only beef with 3 shot burst is not being able to one ball someone. Mainly just to show good sportsmanship and not lace someone up when it's not necessary.

The weight and length of the DAM takes some getting used to after only playing with speedball markers. I found it hard to stay tight to my bunker and just manuevering around. I realized that I'm just not comfortable with the front grip. Even with my pump I don't really use the pump handle, I'm more comfortable holding the reg with a hitman mod. So I ended up removing the barrel shroud and front grip. It is now a totally different feel and MUCH lighter!

The beauty of this marker is that you can customize it to your own preference. I will probably never use the stock or red dot sight, and both pieces are extremely high quality. I prefer a lighter set up. I bought the DAM because it offers something that no other high end marker does, and that's the ability to shoot first strike rounds and a hopper full of paint at the flip of a switch!

Kudos to Dye for taking an innovated approach to designing this high end woodsball marker! I look forward to the next big game where a player tries long balling me and I simply push the switch forward and send him packing!
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