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Originally Posted by Slappadapink View Post

Mar: I said it to you earlier this year and I'll say it again: possibly the funniest person I've met in forever. Helped me realize paintball=fun. I'm sure it's great just old fashioned and need to feel it up first.
Kind words my friend - made my day.

I am looking very much forward to this upcoming season. I am going to have (hopefully) two new markers to try out, and hopefully we will see a LOT of returning faces!

@Hook: I get field loyalties - believe me. It makes it very hard to 'get away' for a game somewhere else. Stilgar led the charge this year and had us play at a few other places. It was cool. Still, very hard to pull away. Hope to make a game with you, wherever.

In general:

Paintball ought to be fun. If it isn't, you are doing it wrong! It's hard though - I am an EXTREMELY competetive guy, but I swear every season I learn to put a little more of it away, and just have fun. I made an extremely bad call once this season, against a rental that I wont repeat... I feel if I keep working at it, coming out with a positive attitude, and trying to have fun it will just get better. I would like to thank DOnated Tonsils for all his great reffing this year, and for helping fix any issues I ever had with 'teams'.
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