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Enterprise, there you go again w/ your "300 ft" kill...seriously dude, you need to learn to judge distance better. (that was NOT the distance of a full size football field) Or just stop screaming about it whenever you think you get one. Only ppl i know for sure that can hit ppl as consistently as you claim to at those distances are players using closed-bolt pumps. There are reasons you got the responses you did on your range thread. /rant

Looked fun though, wish i coulda come, but had already made plans to play at my local field with some guys i hardly see anymore. I just wish i could play in the snow more often, completely different dynamic.

Hopefully i'll have a vid up shortly from one of our speedball games, the last dude had noo idea he was about to get bunkered and shot in the buttocks. (hurray for a nice new DSLR that can take HD vid...and glad i remembered that when i saw this lining up...)

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