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pmi trracer bolt issue fixed! thanks dukie!

So I was testing a stick feed I built trying to save myself $5, and I couldn't get any paint to feed. Seriously wondering how I could have screwed up a stick feed, I rip it apart and start from square one. Still no good.

So I get fed up, and make another where all I have to do is cram a 10 round tube in the feed neck. Then realize paint STILL won't feed. Pop it out and cock the gun while looking down the feedneck. When pulled fully back, I can still see the very lip of the bolt o-ring and the face of the bolt directly after the oring.

Is this normal? It is the velocity adjustable bolt, if that makes a difference. I'm also starting to suspect I have some rather large diameter paint (too large for the trracer breech) as it bore matches perfect with my pgp.

Also not really in a position to pick up any paint of any higher quality than walmart grade stuff right now. Or I would test that right off the bat.

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