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Originally Posted by senghing27 View Post
I like playing paintball.
People are super resistant to certain conversions and to be be honest I don't understand it. I made a point to be VERY clear this was not intended to be a comparison of the two versions.

This is not intended to be a pump vs semi type thing, so I see no reason for the whole "oh, this is a pointless conversions." I enjoy playing paintball too, which is what created the choice between the two in the first place.

The question then becomes, on any given day of play what makes me want to play either style of possible paintball. I think people have more interesting reasons (and very different reasons) for their personal preferences.

To be honest, one of the major reasons I created this thread was to look for a clever defense of semi play. I personally find the arguments that semi play decreases overall focus on skill and increases equipment focus 1000%. But I also was never able to afford semi 100% and am somewhat bias. My old team was poorly sponsored so even when I played for them semi was hard on my wallet. I'm not judging and KNOW that people have good reasons for liking semi better, I want to hear them. But I also want to know what others reasons for preferring pump (esp. preferring pump in open rec games). I find it interesting, but am almost sure this is going to turn into a thread I don't want to read quickly.

I was wrong, the replies that came up while I was typing were all great. Faith in mcb restored haha
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