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Originally Posted by weerez935 View Post
I don't know if I just got older or what.
I used to love halo but I hated this game.
It was gorgeous but:
Campaign was linear
Story was spotty

Spartan ops had a lackluster story coupled with recycled maps

Kill times too slow
Maps are too big
Flinch, AAs, sprint, dmr, and ordinance promote camping

Custom game options were nulled

Forge has been a joke since h3.

Its not a bad game per say but it didn't feel like its AAA predecessors.
They could have done so many cool things such as:

* make "infinity" like perfect dark (n64) when it loads you actually walk around the ship to the play spaces.
* faster kill times/ smaller/ better/ more interactive maps
* flying vehicles
* spectator mode
* limit AAs to ordinance or get rid of them
* leave things like camo / power weapons on map to encourage movement / map control

Etc etc etc
I gotta agree with you on most of these points. I bought the game mostly for the campaign/Spartan Ops, but I was pretty disappointed with both of them. The campaign is probably one of the weakest ones of the series and I can't believe 343i poopcanned Firefight (which was amazing) for a crappy mode like Spartan Ops.

Oddly enough, though I was initially against the new CoD-like structure of the multiplayer, I find that to actually be the most enjoyable part of the game, which is saying something since I'm not that into competitively multiplayer games.
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