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Pboard Pinokio & Warpfeed!


$50 gifted shipped for the Warp! $75 shipped for the pinokio(not inbox and w/o the box)

First up is the Pinokio: Scroll down for WARP FEED

I traded for this pinokio a while back and loved it. It has the pboard, which increases its speed. The box says the original color is black, but in some spots clear plastic shows so I am not so sure what to think! Mechanically I give it a 10/10, nothing at all wrong with it, I changed the batteries once and it didn't even need changing! Physically I give it a 7.5 or 8, no dents or anything just scratches, chipped paint, it is used! Comes with the original box, the pinokio, the nose, small cap, lid (didn't have a spring) and if you add $10 a speed feed.

Price: $95 + actual shipping ($105 with the speedfeed) Price is OBO
*some pieces still have sticker residue on them, you can clean it off nothing big*
PRICE DROP: I will do $85 plus shipping... I need this gone
DROP: $75 plus shipping...

Red light is the pboard! NOT OUT OF BATTERIES!

Feedneck is a little beat, nothing bad, works perfectly!

Ahh the warp feed system, a revolutionary system! I bought this bad boy a little while back when I wanted to be a mag-man! I used this once on my ccm t2, and the battery holster's black while must had separated, i've been told a simple soldering job can put this bad boy back together! The case is perfectly fine, in GREAT condition, internals are a bit yellow but work fine. Comes with the Warp Feed Adapter(which someone is posting on here for $45), sensor plate (thingy), tube, adapter for bush master/defiant/intimidator, adapter for wdp angel.
Price:$60 plus actual shipping

Snipped wire =(

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