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Originally Posted by pk5 View Post
I don't know the date yet. They don't know either. As far as walz I don't think he is looking for a gun but earon was really impressed with the flame job he did on my gun and the box Sheridan that walz is currently working on. I figure you may as well drag walz for a road trip since you guy are from the same city.
What is Earon's surgery for?

Originally Posted by bacci paintball View Post
Bigtuana, try to handle/shoot a left feed duck before you purchasing one.

I shoot my redux right handed and when I tried to handle lucky ducks left feed ducks I have a harder time with the rocking motion shooting it right handed.

I would imagine this wouldn't be a problem for left handed shooters but just something to keep in mind since it will be different.
That's why I want to head down there: Hold the different options in my hand and find out what suits me best Does lucky duck have pictures of his duck here somewhere?
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