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UPS sucks balls

So here is the story.

last November i bought a mint KP3 and the seller refused to mail it to me using USPS. I told him that i have had horrible luck with UPS and would rather him use USPS. He ended up mailing it to me with UPS and give me the tracking number. It was estimated to be delivered to me in 4-6 days. A week goes and i didn't get the package, 2 weeks goes and nothing. After 4 weeks i look at the tracking online and it said its still in transit. I messaged the seller and told him i want my money back because i never got the package. He gave me my money back and he got his money from insurance with ups. Now its been over a year since he mailed me the package, guess what arrives at my door today. After one year and god knows what the package went through i have my KP3.

This is why i hate UPS.


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