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Just hoping for a bit of a price range for a set of stuff (interested in a Squall or Airowgun, but we will see what happens there).


1) Tac One Automag with original RT pin and ULT, CCM feedneck, cp on/off, stock JJ barrel and a two piece JJ with a 12" and 18" piece (had longbow for a while). The marker was teched by Tuna just before I last played with it this summer.
2) Ninja Tank with custom 1200 psi reg for the RT effect. Marker has extra strong (3000 psi, 4500 psi burst or something) macroline to accomodate this. It's a 68/4500 I believe, 3 years hydro still and has always had a tank cover on.
3) Empire Prophecy with stock top and extra large top (for the girlfriend).

Just has normal ULT rail since I sold the Longbow stuff a couple years ago.

Thoughts on value?


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