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There are several factors to take into consideration here. How long did you drive after the incident occurred? When you have some day light, pull the dipstick to see if there is any fluid left on it as well as smell it. If it smells burnt, which I can almost guarantee it will, then more than likely the shift bands in the transmission are done for. I've gone through a few transmissions on my drag/auto-x car to know it doesn't take much for you to toast your transmission.

Your best bet is to talk with a reputable transmission shop and see what they have to say. You might have to tow the car over there as the car may not be able to drive over there in it's current condition, plus you would not want to cause any further damage to it. Don't go out and buy fluid for it until after you have spoke to a shop about it. No sense in wasting money since it will be between $1,000 to $2,000 to repair.
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