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Trans cooler lines LOVED to blow up on those things. Sadly, if you ran it until it stopped, there's zero hope of salvaging that trans.

Originally Posted by p8ntninja View Post
What is your commute like? Any amount of time of straight metal on metal without proper lubricants can AND will cause damage. I highly recommend getting your transmission flushed (not drained) as soon as you can. It is somewhat costly but it is preventive care.
It's not even a matter of just lubrication... in an auto, the fluid is a coolant and hydraulic fluid as well as a lubricant. If the bands/steels didn't go first (lack of hydraulic pressure to fully actuate the proper bands, allowing them to slip and burn), the torque converter and/or pump wouldn't be very far behind. From what the OP is describing, that sucker is toast. Sorry man.
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