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im also of the opposite opinion. UPS absolutely ROCKS around here. they run on a precise schedule. i think there are two factors in whether your UPS experience will be great or annoying: one, set up delivery for someplace where there will actually be somebody there to easily receive a package (aka a WORK address). two, know your driver. this kinda goes hand in hand.

ive been shipping with UPS for my business for about 15 years now. theyve lost TWO packages ever. i ship several packages a day with them. in both cases, i was able to talk to actual human beings, enter a case, and get paid back for the value within a week. with USPS, you cant even begin to file a claim until a package has been missing for an entire month, THEN it takes another month for the claim to process. not to mention that usps delivery confirmation is the biggest scam in shipping. its completely useless and will not help at all should something go wrong with a package.

flat rate usps shipping is cool for small domestic items, and unfortunately i have to ship postal for international stuff, because UPS is highway robbery in that department.
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