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Originally Posted by Deuce View Post
That's certainly understandable, though that leads me to wonder if the field is being managed/advertised properly...
Almost 3 years ago the owner died and his wife is still trying to make it.There is no advertisment/it's managed from a trailer in the staging area by someone who has never played or even stepped on the field.In the 12 years it has been open a core group of players has always stepped up to work on the field..Few people know the fields like I do or have made the effort to improve, up grade and promote it, all with a budget of ZERO.All the advice and help goes in one ear and out the other,like we are trying to swindle her out of something.
It's a great place to play!!Needs help in the buisness end.I can't see getting my 6 friends together and reserving a date paying 90 bucks and hoping for the best.I am getting on my feet again after surgery(achilles)I will not be out there till something new happens.
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