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Military Machinists

Hello, folks.

I am a machinist by trade with 3 certifications (Machinist I, CNC I, CNC II) and 2 years work experience (plus classroom time). I also have an interest in military service, and would like to do something with my life while I am young. I have long been thinking about combining these two interests, and was wondering if anyone has any knowledge of the subject.

Basically, what would I have to do to be employed as a machinist in the Navy? I have no problem enlisting, but is there a way to ensure I get the gig as a machinist? Meet and exceed educational requirements, perhaps.

Ideally, I'd like to work on a ship, say a carrier, and travel around the world while machining. I know that is naively romantic, and serving in the military isn't about niceties, but it would be nice. That said, I would have no problem working in a shop.

I appreciate any insight.
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