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Older Angel Parts For TRADE/or sale

Ok so here is the deal. I have accumulated too many angel parts, and I have no need for most of it.I am however looking for a few parts to complete some of my guns. My goal is TRADES FIRST. If you are buying the parts expect to pay $5 for priority shipping as well on top of your final total of parts is. The more you buy at one time, however the lower prices will go.

The parts I am looking for are as follows:

Autococker Threaded UL backs GLOSS (black preferred)
Gloss Red UL Tip

Angel LCD parts:
Dye Highrise (red)
Adrenalin Breech Knob (black or doo doo brown preferred)
Cobra Breech Knob

Angel IR3 Parts:
Cobra Single trigger frame

other trades. new higher end masks, CP regs, cp asa's...

Other interesting parts.... LMK what you have.

Raw Backplates $10
Warped Backplates (NOS) $25 (one left)

Kapp Vollys $7 (each)
Adrenalin Volly (with jewel some nicks) $SOLD
Element Volly $20
Warped Volly (NOS was installed on a wall hanger for a bit) $SOLD
All other Vollys $6 (cp sold)

Dye Sightrails LCD (NOS) $28 each
Angel Wings LCD $15
Impact IR3 $20
Smoke LCD $5

Angel LED LCD IR3 Valves and stems $15 per set

Angel LED LCD IR3 LPR's $20

Angel LED Stock bolts (NOS) $15
Angel LED KAPP bolts (NOS) $15
Angel LED Open faced bolt (cobra?) $25
Angel LED bolts with bottom holes (bone break?) $25

LED crackpipes Raw and black (NOS) $15 (raw SOLD)
LED crackpipe chrome $10
LCD IR3 vert adapter and mani plate (from impact IR3) $15

Dye Highrise Feeds (NOS) $25 Silver Gone
Dye Lowrise Feed (NOS) $SOLD
Cobra Feed LOW (NOS) $20
Warped Highrise (NOS) $20
Twister Feed $SOLD
Chrome Low rise (KAPP?) some scuffs $7

Cobra A4 trigger $30
Speed triggers $8 each
Impact IR3 Trigger $30
Clear system X trigger $8

Clear System X breech LCD $20

Cobra Valve $75

Dye Vert asa LCD $SOLD

Dye Stickies $6
WDP Skins (NOS will come in box just took out for pics) $10 each
Stock Grips $8

Angel Air Rocket Assembly (NOS) $15 each

UL Backs 3 sold 1 left .694 $15
Freak Front (some tip damage) $10
Dye Boomys $15
JT $15

Intelli Charger $40
LCD Charger $30

LED Stock Board $10




Element Angel LCD, Rocky LCD, Rocky Ir3', Eclipse LED, Angel V8, Adrenalin Feather LCD,

Entity, Kapp Flame, Tequila, Tequila Sunrise, Freeflow Lockout, Image Matrix, Freeflow Matrix

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