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Everyone who's goin nuts should read the original post i was replying too. I had the same attitude the original reply did. "hesitant to give advice at all" and tells me to shoot them over the chrono. Look no one has to read this post or help me, but if your gunna reply it may as well be constructive. If you read even a few lines you know I already said shooting markers for a few secs tells you LESS then asking owners about them. Which is why I ask, people don't have to reply and can feel free not too of course. But I'll reply with the same attitude I'm given. I played for years, I know to shoot a marker. I am asking about a group of VERY expensive markers I'm not just going to run into. So i want to ask people who have owned/been around them a good deal.

Senghing27 - (A he's been awesome the whole time, nothing but good solid advice clearly relevant to my exact request.) Hows the upkeep on it? (assuming you've owned em before) I've heard nothing but AWESOME things about this company. Thanks for the advice, that price is right .

Saintnior - This was another marker I had in mind. Do you/did you own one? How is the upkeep? The profile seems PERFECT for what I am thinking of, and I hear they just RUN.
Can you find these around these days?
Is the company still providing parts/support/running?
How much do they go for?
Thanks for the advice!
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