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Originally Posted by lucky duck View Post
I would say jb weld it back on .Thats the reason for all the roughed up areas .To put screws may cause more problems .Dont you use epoxy .With Jb Weld I have never had a feed tube come off.
This. I had the same problem on my Loo. It was originally a direct feed from what I can gather, and once it was Carterized, Earon glued the feed tube. Held out for the longest time, but it took a wee drop at a game in Maryland, and off popped the tube. Threw a little JB weld on there, and it's solid as a rock now.

My Loo has been repaired twice now. First was a trip out to CCI, where I had Mike repair the front compensator screws, and the stripped out slide latch screw. Then the feed tube which I did myself. But it's been good ever since.

Gorgeous Loo man. Part of me still wants to let mine go to fund the car purchase, but I don't think I can part with it. Too much history, and the personal value is WAY more than what I can get cash wise. Not to mention how long it took to find and pay for it.

Also, you may want to look into Chopper Duke's adjustable detent mod. This is a brilliant idea, and I'd use the hell out of it on mine, but my lower compensator thing doesn't have enough room to allow the screw and nut in there. Mine has a regular screw rounded off at the tip to act as a detent. Same concept, but Duke took it and made it better!

DD68 Adjustable Detent Mod
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