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The pbzone has a staff of 3 refs and 1 person handling the money(the owner).Every field I have been too staff wise has a few people that are paid as employees and the rest work for paint ,air and play or maybe a little cash option here and there.
At this field the service is bad 1 person handles all transaction's.The lack of trust is horrible.They open at 9 it may take and hour to register and pay(depending on numbers).Then you wait for everyone to get done ,safty briefing and your out on the field playing at 11 or so.I saw a family member who was trying to help get chastised for 5 dollars missing which was found on the floor needless to say he quit helping.They think everyone is against them or trying to shut them down.I love playing there and since they opened 14 years ago have tried along with other players to help with suggestions,and maintaining fields.It is the poorest ran field I have ever seen.We put on a game after the husband died everything was donated volunters ,prizes ,lunch,soda, all raffle ticket money we had 2 or 3 windows taking money all said 200 or so players thousands in prizes,local buinesses donated prizes.They couldn't understand why we did this for free or why would you give away free lunch.Pepsi gave us free drinks as a donation they were trying to sell them.They must have figured we wanted something out of this.Failing to understand that we are a community and trying to help.I wish them the best.
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