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So last night I went to a store called fleet feet. Not sure if it's a chain or not or if any of you have heard of it. So they watched me walk barefoot for a bit and then they knew exactly what was going on. Which was pretty cool. She asked if I had an injury to my right knee at all. I said no but my right knee is hyper extended and she said that's it's then. She said my left leg is compensating which explains my left ankle pains. My left ankle rolls inward as I walk. I asked about vff. And other minimalist shoes. She said for some people its a really good idea to train up those smaller muscles. She said in my case due to the knee I have special needs that arnt going to be covered by minimalist shoes. She said in my case I actually need the opposite which is a wide base shoe to help keep my left ankle from rolling. I'm supposed to go back today with my work boots gym shoes and my orthotics so she can see what we are working with.
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