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AKA VLM for sale

I haven't really had much interest in paintball much at all recently, so the few guns I still have need to go. I hate to sell them, but I've played maybe 3 times in the last 6 months and need money more than I need paintball crap taking up room in my closet. No trades, cash only. No parting out either. I'll also have a nickel e2 karnivor for sale soon. The Deadlywind can be included for an extra $50.

There's a couple small scratches on the ram, but everything else is just about mint. It has a hollowpoint, SCMIII, CCM ram, Mitey Max LPC, tornado valve, AKA hammer/ivg, lightning bolt, aka cocking rod and bolt pin, benchmark frame with shocktech trigger plate and belsales roller sear, sidewinder, hogue wrap around grips, and Shocktech rail and asa. Shoots great, the best semi I've ever owned. I'm looking to get $415 shipped OBO.


The pics show a couple different ASAs and grips, but it still looks exactly the same except for that.

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