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Originally Posted by dreadedkaos View Post
yeah, i know that the psychoballistics body and pneumatics are pretty much junk, but they would still function if someone had the know-how, but when it comes to cockers, i am simply dumbfounded. the eblades alone sell for that though, and it has the eclipse noid. pmd you though.
The E1 itself wont sell for anywhere near $175.. Heck the E2 wont either.
The PB pneumatics are junk weither you are a cocker novice or expert.
The noid housing engraving doesnt mean anything. Still the same SMC noid.

E1ing an $80(new ebay price) SuperBolt wont more than double it value.
Good luck with your sale though, but you probably shouldnt have put 'cheap' in the thread title.
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