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J12 Tuning :)

Sooo since TF hasnt given us a manual yet....
And we cant use a standard reg tester....

lets try and post up ballparked settings to help dial these bad boys in!


Serial: #0019
Tank: Ninja Dual Oring HP Tank
Barrel: CP 2 Piece, Freaked, .682 Insert with .683ish DXS Custom Field
Temp: 35* and coldddd

REGULATOR: about 1 turn in past flush
IVG: 5 turns in from furthest back (need to recount that)

Shooting 275-290, end of day i was shooting 280-292 (about 1000 shots, guess she's breakin in a little!)

more posts will help us dial these in and find the sweetspot (or somethin really close to it)
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