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springs supplyed dont remedy the hammer or valvebouncing dont know wich it is in the mvp, dont know how many springcombinations/non standard too ive tried.
I have shot it without a valvespring the fartsound is still there but more of a slow fart.
I now have a soft spring i made from another spring for the valve with the lightest hammer spring and a tophat oring for the dm3 wedged in where the hammer hits the valveseat that helps somewhat with farting and is less sharp in sound compared to a normal mvp and i have to unscrew the backcap to make it even softer in sound.
Not that i play with it backed out, but ive tried so many things except new hammers and valvebody in the search for a more normal sound out of it.
The field i go to had 2 mvps mine included, i can hear the other player from atleast 200m.
The only time i think it sound ok even with the handle forward is at 190fps this is how it should be at 290fps!
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