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Someone will produce a $12 beginners mask like gxg did, but have the foresight to build it with the ability to accept another companies commonly available lens so dual pane thermals will be an option

An increased interest in more "old school games" will lead to a revival for older mask systems like OG vents, z-leaders,(using common lenses available today) and whippersnappers. the vents and z-leaders will be fresh productions, and JT brought back whippersnappers already, so I'm 1/3 there with this one.

*The above statements are "predictions" and as such, should not be considered as anything but guesses and daydreams at best. Not approved by the FDA and not intended to cure, treat or prevent any diseases. Always consult your doctor before taking a prediction seriously. Most common side effects include dry mouth, watery eyes, loss of breath, anal seepage, jaundice, red eyes, swelling of the tongue, slurred speech, the desire to eat human flesh, increased urge to gamble, and farting in jars because you're "saving them for later".
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