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Ion, Freak, Timmy, boblong Millenium, AkA parts thread

All prices shipped obo.

Ion Lapco Tactical body in great shape $sold
Intimidator trigger frame with sling trigger $sold on pbn
Autococker threaded freak barrel 14" no insert misc ding and small marks from regular play $Sold
AKA Toranado valve Spyder $sold locally
New unsed Bob Long Millenium body with black used vert adaptor $pending
Single Trigger Bob long Millenium Trigger Frame with trigger stop $25
Autocockervalve tool $sold
Spyder Eframe with Tadao Board, Black Dye sticky grips, and spyder to inline adaptor plate $55
Rail mount $5
Vert adaptor for spyder/minicocker $sold

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