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Originally Posted by Keebler View Post
I think the point halo is making is that if you are going to hike prices why not equally why such a heavy hand with first strikes? It's hard not to interpret that as some sort of statemen . And forcing people to buy your product either by rule or by circumstances and than charging more than the market value of that product IS gouging

Regardless ill probably be there.
They have had no issues, and no complaints, about the first strikes for the last few games. And knowing the OXCC guys, I would not attribute this to "making a statement."

And no one is forcing anyone to buy first strikes, you can shoot normal paint like everyone else.

Again, your idea of gouging is laughable. Places need to make money, there are costs to run a business. When you sell 1000 cases of regular paint, you only make X per case. But then you only sell 100 cases of FS paint. And your stating your market price, not the market price. The equilibrium price is what the market will bear, not what you want it to bear.
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