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I had a new pair of Wellco Snipers in my Amazon cart when I stumbled across this thread, and despite my strong preference for American-made, I dumped the Wellcos and picked up a pair of these. They arrived yesterday and I wore them around the house all afternoon.

Despite the appearance, the difference in feel compared to my old Wellco jungle boots is so huge that it's hard to call these boots - more like protective skins for my feet with ankle support - which is exactly what I want. It's like wearing moccasin boots or ninja tabbies.

Sole thickness is probably about 1/2" with insole- it flexes really well with my foot. The compound is almost tacky- between that and the lug pattern they stick like glue on my wood floors when cornering.

I wear a size 12 shoe, and bought these the same, in wide. My big toe is pretty close to the front, but as long as they are laced up tight so my heel stays snug I think that will be a good thing.

I cannot wait to get out and play in these, but first I need to pick up some dye to change them from desert tan to something better suited to the temperate Midwest.
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