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PPS 2K Pump Blazer "Paladin"

My old gun for sale, simply don't use it anymore. This a PPS Glen Palmer's signature Paladins pride (minus one of the stabs)

$300 OBO plus S&H at cost.

Comes with the excellent loundener as made by Altec and the PPS pump kit.

It shoots well in pump mode, I have not played semi with it for a long time but it did cycle in semi mode with no apparent problems.

The gun has the Carters Commando logo laser engraved on the left side of the gun, it also has my username and my team name engraved on the body. (not sure if this will add or decrease the value )

I have a few extras for it, a 15 degree angled front ASA and a lapco barrel.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask, thanks for looking.

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