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Originally Posted by super_stanchy View Post
i've bored a few barrels for ifits, and just put em in backwards, they work, they just have a tendancy to catch paint a little more than if it were in correctly
I might try it that way at first to see if it works (before ruining more parts than I have to). But if I like the way it works, I have an SL-68 II that will get bored as well.

Originally Posted by Pif View Post
It's more about paint to bore match than it is barrel length. Iirc, some folks on here could not get more efficiency beyond 8.5". After that, it's simply slowing the ball down.
Good point. I don't have experience with short barrels, so I wasn't sure if 6 inches was long enough no matter how good the fit (with a Python insert).

One of the fields I go to has paint small enough to roll out a .679 insert. A Python insert is 1.75 long, which leaves 4.25 of way over size "air bearing" for tiny paint to go through. So.... that's where my question started.

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