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Here's the subject in close to its original configuration:

The sticker was supposed to be ironic. I got it at Castle in 2003ish. The old Reloader never worked too well with the RT (I found my style was suited to a regular gravity loader, RT'ing a stack of balls at a time), but has found a good home on my 'new' 68 Carbine. The Halo is new, but back in the old days I experience heaven with a pre-Empire Halo B borrowed from a teammate, with full RT. The barrel is also new; I had an 18" 32 Degrees-brand Boomstick rip-off, because longer is better right?

A little background: my team, the Crazy 98s, play scenario, mostly EMR, although I'm trying to get in at least one good road trip to a big field we haven't been to yet, maybe Hells Survivors or Waynes World. We were active in 2003-2006ish, fizzling off with college & life, until making a comeback with Most Valuable Group of Exploited Workers (MVT) at Quest last year.

Our team name is a tribute to the first 'good' gun that a lot of us owned, post-Talon/Stingray. So it's important to me to get this baby cleaned up. I'm thinking a powder coat and a slight adjustment towards a more speedball style, with some shiny Lapco hardware.

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