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Very True on the colors, panhead4411.

As for sad times on the paint prices... I don't know.

I don't want to pay more for paint either, but $75 is still $5 less than CPX charged me for an uncured case of the exact same paint last may.
And CPX is no Hell Survivors.

As someone who's driven past other 'cheaper' places to play paintball all 26 years I've played there, I DON'T want Hell Survivors to be cheap.
If paying $10 more for paint means I continue to get the safest, 180 acre, 5 big game having, funnest field in the world, I'll grit my teeth and pay $20.

Bless the hearts of the other fields I've been to or heard about, but Hell Survivors blows them all away.

Chrono Tags MANDATORY. Spot Checks Mandatory. Tickets punched for infractions that follow the player and cost the team points at each insert. Referees In Play, having the player in the bunker next door suddenly whistle play dead, then punch the ticket of his bunkermate and send him to the dead zone for wiping, blowing his whistle to restart after. Having paramedics and an ambulance onsite every big game day.
That stuff costs more than other major fields spend because they don't have the quality of refs or the commitment to safety.
I LOVE it.
A pistol player can't succeed if he has to shoot people into submission to get an elimination.
Neither can any honest, sportsmanlike player for that matter!

Those long months in the winter when no money comes in are like having a hurricane hit you every year too...

I've played at the 'fields that don't try to rip you off on price'. They either give you a bad experience or they go out of business fast, quality costs money.

Don't get me wrong, I play outlaw all the time and I don't need all the fancy trimmings to have fun, but everyone who comes to Hellz for the first time sees that it's on another level both in the staff and on the field. The play level is as high as it can get too, IMO because in well-reffed games, the right behaviors are rewarded and the bad behaviors PUNISHED.

That's why when Infamous had an Xball clinic there in 08 on saturday and saw the field and the players, they came back for open play on sunday. Six games in the Village, they won 3, WheeeHOOOO!
I always tell my friends who play pistol, "If you can play pistol even passably at HS, you can go anywhere else and leave your other guns at home."
It's the high wire out there in a gale wind and a single flaw will send you down to the netting and out to the deadzone.
It's all fun and games until Blue's crew, Damage Inc, The Northern Gunmen, a couple members of the Psycho Clown Posse and The Mercs all insert at you at once.

I had an older fella at a Monster Game a few years ago start talking to me about my Nelspot 007, who I suddenly realized was Jim Lively!
Yeah, he owns Nelspot 007 #1, the first paintball gun ever made...
That's HS, a badass around every corner.

We play Pistol and we encourage the Few despite the discouragement of the Many.

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