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Originally Posted by Gigueand View Post
This ad. doesn't seem to make a lot of sense to me. Maybe it's my liberal arts education creeping up on me...

Shouldn't it read "68ci/4500psi" not "68/4500ci" since the first number is the volume and the second number is the pressure value?

Also, shouldn't it read "payload 68-4.5k compressed" not "payload 68-45k compressed?"

Afterall, it's 4,500psi, not 45,000psi.

Is there anything different between the two tanks aside from color?

The only differences I see are the color schemes. One seems to be designed for the woods while the other is designed to look like a NOS bottle. Ironically, NOS and turbo aren't the same thing either.

Ad mistakes aside, I'll look at picking one up later in the year when I need a new tank.
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