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05 Prostock Halfblock - Fully ccm'd Undrilled 86 frame BL 360 reg

Selling my pump, not getting much use right now. Its a great shooter, tuned and smooth as butter.

05 Prostock milled Halfblock - Undrilled body
ccm gloss 86 frame
ccm deluxe pump kit
ccm mini cocking rod
ccm feedneck
ccm cam, the screw was filed so you can use a flat head to take it apart, hex was stripped.
ccm lower tube kit, slotted ccm hammer
Jcurt halfblock kit
custom jcurt halfblock bolt with breech orings
Bob Long 360 reg, half gloss half dust, VERY consistent and comfy.
No on/off and no Barrel.
If you need a barrel I can include a cp .689 back and yellow front.

Asking $385 shipped obo


"I swear this is the last one.............."

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