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Originally Posted by agentSmith View Post
If paying $10 more for paint means I continue to get the safest, 180 acre, 5 big game having, funnest field in the world, I'll grit my teeth and pay $20.

Chrono Tags MANDATORY. (doesn't mean much if nobody checks after they switch paint/barrels mid-game, and every big game i've ever been to has this) Spot Checks Mandatory. Tickets punched for infractions that follow the player and cost the team points at each insert. Referees In Play, having the player in the bunker next door suddenly whistle play dead, then punch the ticket of his bunkermate and send him to the dead zone for wiping, blowing his whistle to restart after (i've watched HS refs watch blantant blindfire instances without doing a thing, it was players who had to grab the guys marker to bring it to an end). Having paramedics and an ambulance onsite every big game day.
Seems my crew has only run into the bad refs, or, complete lack of, in most of the engagements, even ones that happened within site of the nearest capture point. Nearly every time i needed a paintcheck, it took about 2 minutes of one of my guys running around to find a ref to go check the location. And, all the 'refs-in-play' i encountered didn't exactly glow with sportmanship. Not to mention the fact they don't enforce the rules very well when actually on field, or seem to have a full understanding of them...telling my teammate he is "out" b/c he ran out of paint to shoot, happened atleast once each of the times i've gone up there. Glad they are removing the oft-abused/misused choppers this year.

Then there are the field hazards, like old half-buried metal fences. As someone who assists in running a field i tend to look for these things more than average, well, when the hazards aren't tearing my clothing.

It is a nice field, don't get me wrong, and definitely on the top part of the list of fields i've played at, but certainly not the golden rainbow.../rant

Back OT...yeah, not sure if i'll be as willing to make the drive with if it is $80 or more, my crew likes their wallets. I know other fields charge more (we've been to some of them, and its one of the reasons we won't go back), but seriously, there is no reason to, especially when the paint always seems to be not-quite-right for the big games.
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