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Originally Posted by Wolfman View Post
Well, my Tib's off getting the final touches done and we've got the 3357's all fixed up and ready to go! I've been lucky enough to get a camera to record a mask-eye perspective of next months Armogeddon VII big game and wondered what you would rather see?

- A montage of Tib 8.1 and Dual 3357's
- A montage of an NSG Splatmaster and Dual 3357's
- Just the 3357's
- Just the Tib/Splatmaster

Snake's borrowing my Crosman to pair with his own for the game, so he will be the one supplying the dual wielding footage, whereas I'll be using either the Tib or Splatmaster (we can then stitch together the footage accordingly!).
As far as I'm aware, neither a 3357 or Splatmaster "gun-cam" type vid has never been done, so we thought it would make an interesting intro to the team for those that haven't met us yet.

NSGSplatmaster did do a 3357 barrel cam video over a year ago, with the 3357 I sold him.

Untitled on Vimeo

...and I vote for #2...
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